Create a Place for Community in Baton Rouge, LA

Create a Place for Community in Baton Rouge, LA

Recruit a professional contractor for your parks and recreation project

Parks and recreation centers are important in every community. Law Industries, LLC works hard to create beautiful spaces for residents of the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area. City planning helps improve property values and give local residents a sense of community. We also assist the city in planning for future projects with demolition, drainage, paving and landscaping services.

Contact us today to start a brand-new project. We offer competitive pricing for all our services.

Enhance public spaces with new features

Designing breathtaking, relaxing public spaces is a great way to enhance any city. Law Industries provides civil construction services throughout the area. We can design and build:

  • Parking lots
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Multi-use pathways
  • Recreation centers
  • Community centers

Our goal is to enhance the community and create a place where everyone feels like they belong. Tackle your next parks and recreation project by hiring our team in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Call 225-218-4413 today to schedule an appointment.