building with the laws of success


General Contractor at Risk

Law performs as a hard-bid general contractor at risk and takes pride in the ability to offer fast-track at the best quality at the most competitive price.  Law utilizes state of the art methodology and computerized systems throughout the bidding, procurement, scheduling, and construction project management process.  Law aims to build lasting relationships and assigns a team of talented, skilled, and trained project managers, superintendents, craftsman, and subcontractors to coordinate and safely perform the work. 

Law supplements its workforce with the most qualified materials suppliers and subcontractors.  We value our trade partners as a vital part of our success on a project and take a proactive step at pre-qualifying our subcontractors.  There are many things we consider in the pre-qualification process such as: financial strength, longevity, safety rating, resumes of key personnel, certifications (DBE, MBE, WBE, etc.), insurance, licensure, geography, scope of work, size and type of project, timeliness, supplier and contractor references.

Law is committed to a safety culture that provides a safe working environment for all.  We utilize an OSHA accredited company safety manual to develop site specific safety plans.  We provide safety training, conduct regular safety inspections, and conduct weekly toolbox safety meetings.  We provide required hazard communication and barricades to protect the public from our worksites.  Each employee and subcontract worker is required to wear proper personal protective equipment (PPE).

Law is committed to customer satisfaction and the quality management process and provides the required framework, resources and tools to make it possible. Law implements the Project management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), also the ANSI National Standard for Project Quality Management; which includes: Quality Planning, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Quality Improvement Procedures.

Law is adept at all Local, State and Federal Wage and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) reporting requirements.  Law is an Equal Employment and does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, age, sex, or national origin. 

Design-Build Contractor

Our approach to the constructor led design-build methodology is based on integrating the planning, design and construction elements of a building construction project to optimize results. Constructability planning begins long before the constructor mobilizes on site, as the construction project manager can have the most influence during the project definition phase, and the ability to influence rapidly decreases as the project design continues.

This early coordination analyzes alternate material systems and considers the associated equipment and erection methods for cost, quality and availability.  Procurement of long lead items such as pre-engineered metal building systems can begin early as well.  In addition, the contractor can assist with permitting issues early to avoid delays with the start of construction as is typically the case with tradition design-bid-build delivery.  The Construction Project Management function is the mechanism to control and manage this integrated process from cradle to grave.

In summary, some of advantages of using design-build are to establish and reduce cost, establish and reduce schedule, reduce and avoid claims, and to promote the use of constructability and innovation in the project. Owners like the fact that they can secure a fixed cost for a design-build project up front before detailed design has been started. The fact that the design-build methodology fosters a well-defined scope early, means there will be less opportunity for scope related change orders and disputes.  And because we  will assume all the risk, we take a proactive approach at mitigating potential cost impacts through all phases of the project, and particularly during the planning and design phase when it can more easily be controlled.

Pre-Construction Services

Law can tailor any of our Pre-Construction services to fit your specific project needs on an hourly basis.  We can be brought on board early to assist your Architect with construction planning, budgeting and estimating, value engineering, constructability, permitting, site logistics, trade procurement, and scheduling.  Once the construction plans are complete, Law can proceed as the General Contractor at Risk to construct the facility.